New Seed Level Membership

New Seed Level Membership
Orders must be in by January 31, 2024 for March 2024 delivery.
Orders received after this date will be placed on 2025 distribution list.


A limited quantity of seeds from select parent trees with elevated blight resistance are available as part of our Seed Level Membership. Harvested in the fall by staff and volunteers at Meadowview Research Farms, these intermediate blight-resistant seeds, considered our very best, represent nearly 40 years of research and development. While these seeds represent the best genetic materials we have available, we unfortunately cannot guarantee them for disease-resistance or form. We offer these seeds as a thank you to members like you who are dedicated to supporting our ongoing research and restoration efforts.

Quantities are indicated below:

  • Root Seed Level: 4 seeds
  • Branch Seed Level: 6 seeds
  • Canopy Seed Level: 12 seeds

Seed Level members receive all member benefits, including our award-winning magazine, Chestnut.

To members living west of the Mississippi and in Michigan: In order to prevent the spread of contagions from the native range, including chestnut blight, Phytophthora, gall wasp, and other pests, all seeds shipped to these areas are treated in a 10% bleach solution. This is a horticultural best practice and will not impact the quality or germination of your seeds.

TACF cannot ship to CA, OR, or WA due to Department of Agriculture restrictions on chestnut importation. Seeds will not be shipped out of the continental U.S. No exceptions.

We are grateful to all our members for being part of this important and hopeful mission, ensuring future generations will one day experience forests filled with healthy American chestnut trees. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

If you prefer to mail your donation, click here to download a printable membership form to include with your gift.

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By becoming a Seed Level member, I acknowledge that I am the landowner** of the property where these seeds will be planted.
I also agree to the terms of the Germplasm Agreement, which prohibits the sale or transfer of pollen and nuts from our intermediate blight-resistant trees to ensure they are not used in commercial production. This agreement is critical to safeguard our research. This is a standard agreement and is used by many research entities that provide plants for testing and evaluation.
Read the full Germplasm Agreement document.

**If you are not the landower, please provide landowner's full contact information in the Seed Planting Address section below.

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