2024 Spring Appeal


Bridging Science and Nature

Your gift to TACF’s 2024 Spring Appeal will allow our scientists to make more best x best cross trees available to more sponsor members faster, and fund essential equipment that will help our scientists evaluate modified chestnut trees early in the process.

For ongoing genetic gain and improvement, those trees will be tested in the field and the lab.  With your support, we can fully execute this vision. To do so, we must:


  • fund bucket-truck rentals for pollination and harvest,
  • grow, test, and distribute best x best seed,
  • create quantifiable expectations of tree performance using first-hand phenotypic and genotypic data,
  • perform first-hand confirmation and evaluation of molecular constructs, especially in the newest transgenic lines,
  • refine germplasm conservation priorities and trace wild American chestnut ancestries for members, partners, and other stakeholders, and
  • independently verify gene and protein expression in all improved disease-resistant varieties.


TACF's 2024 Spring Appeal creates the vital bridge between these programs, building seamless connectivity that will deliver American chestnut seeds and seedlings to you for planting in the next two to five years. 

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