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Renewing your Membership

Thank you for continuing on this journey with us! TACF depends primarily upon its members to support research in developing a blight-resistant American chestnut tree. We are grateful to all our members for being part of this important and hopeful mission, ensuring future generations will one day experience forests filled with healthy American chestnut trees. 

All members receive these benefits:

  • One-year national membership and state chapter membership
    • $15.00 of your membership is allocated to the chapter
  • Subscription to Chestnut magazine, published three times a year
  • eSprout, newsletter featuring current research and member news
  • Annual members-only presale of wild-type American chestnut seedlings
  • Invitations to national and state chapter events and annual meetings
  • Opportunities to volunteer in local breeding and research activities
  • Expert advice on growing and caring for American chestnut trees
  • Member car sticker

If you prefer to mail your donation, click here to download a printable membership form to include with your gift.

All members that upgrade to a Seed Level Membership now have access to our best research seeds to date!

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